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What is Energy work?

Energy work is something that goes back to the beginning of time and it is inherent in all of us. Sometimes, energy gets stuck in places where it shouldn't and must be cleared. This isn't only true of the energy within our bodies, but the energy of the places were we reside. By cleansing ourselves and cleansing our environments, we can elevate our vibration and live like to the fullest.

Reiki and Shamanic Energy Work: Services
Reiki Treatment


To Find Balance

Reiki is a Japanese word that literally means, spiritually guided life force energy. The first law of thermodynamics is that energy is neither created nor destroyed. By utilizing the energy around us we can become empowered. In a Reiki session with me, you will find stillness and relaxation through the balancing of the seven chakras. Through placing the hands on the chakras, the use of essential oils, as well as sound therapy, you will leave feeling centered and grounded.

Couple Holding Hands


Finding Balance With Each other

Sometimes life prevents us from being exactly what we need to be for our partners. Through the same modalities as the individual reiki session, a couples reiki session strengthens the energy of the cord that connects people together, located in the sacral chakra as well as the cord between the throat chakras to help improve emotional and expressive connection.

Yoga Pose


Make Lasting Changes

Everyone has an energy field that surrounds them made of the energy that is found within our chakra system. This energy field is often called the etheric body. By analyzing our etheric bodies, we can determine what we truly need to find happiness and balance. During an energy field consultation, Amanda will read your energy field and create a plan to balance your chakras in your everyday life. This can be completed through Skype or in Person.

Reiki and Shamanic Energy Work: Services
Golden Dog


Don't forget about your pet!

Reiki isn't just for humans! Animals are very much effected by the energies that happen all around us. Sometimes your furry friend may need a little extra balancing as well. Especially, if you have a pet suffering from cancer or another chronic illness. Session are a maximum of 30 minutes and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Urban Living Space


Clear Your Space Clear Your Mind

Our environments take on and trap much of the energy that we carry with us. Sometimes the energy of a space may feel stagnant or heavy and needs to be cleared and balanced. Through the use of sound, sage, and energy clearing sprays, a home or office can be transformed. By balancing the energy of your environment, you will find that you feel lighter and more relaxed.

Yoga Pose


Become Present

There are many different types of meditation. However, I find that when most people are left to their own devices, meditation becomes difficult. Through one on one guided meditation, you can manifest what you need to live your life to your fullest potential. These sessions will also give you meditations to take home with you to help start a personal meditation practice.

Reiki and Shamanic Energy Work: Services
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